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Important questions for this election - October-02-15

CFUW Mississauga and CFUW Halifax prepared questions for politicians, so has Up For Debate. CFUW was very involved with this project. We have also prepared questions concerning our new resolutions: Physician Assisted Death, Carbon Tax, and Neonicotinoid Pesticides.

Other questions cover affordable housing, child poverty, climate change, Fair Elections Act, federal scientists, foreign policy, gender equity, health, Library and Archives Canada, long form census, National enquiry into the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW), Parks Canada, water policy, women's economic equality, women's leadership, and youth unemployment

Download a summary of questions that have been published by CFUW over the past weeks in our Election Bulletins HERE.

CFUW Releases Early Learning and Child Care Videos ahead of Election - August-17-15

Ottawa – August 17, 2015 – The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) is pleased to announce the release of seven videos on YouTube on the subject of early learning and child care. These videos were recorded at the CFUW Guelph Community Child Care Forum, organized to bring awareness to the importance of early childhood education and the serious lack of quality licensed child care spaces in Canada. Read more and view the videos...


CFUW Calls for Action on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women - June-26-15

In a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, CFUW calls on the Government of Canada to take further steps to address the tragedy of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women. Read the letter here.


Election 2015 - August-03-15

Election season is upon us - perhaps more quickly than we all expected, but some of our Clubs were ahead of the game.

Last week, CFUW Southport launched a great campaign honouring women’s right to vote, won almost 100 years ago: “Grandma asked me to JUST VOTE". Dressed as Suffragettes, they'll be out in the Southport area sharing information about how, where and why to vote this upcoming federal election.


The Saskatoon Club also began urging people to vote with a clever adaptation of Rosie the riveter. Read more...

Tributes to Flora MacDonald - August-02-15

CFUW is saddened by the passing of Flora MacDonald. A trailblazer in Canadian politics, Flora paved the way for many women leaders to come. She will be missed and remembered fondly.

Flora was an honorary member of CFUW, and a friend to many within CFUW. Read some of our members' tributes to Flora


CFUW Takes Stance on Neonicotinoid Pesticides, Carbon Taxes, and Physician Assisted Death - July-10-15
At CFUW's 2015 Annual General Meeting members voted on series of policy resolutions to support a moratorium on the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, to promote carbon taxes to reduce climate change, and support individuals' rights to physician assisted death while protecting the vulnerable. These policy resolutions now represent CFUW's official stance on these important issue. Read the resolutions here.


CFUW Makes Parallel Submission to UN Human Rights Committee - June-03-15
CFUW has made a submission to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in advance of Canada’s sixth periodic report reviewed by the committee from June 29 - July 24, 2015. The issues addressed in the report focus on equality between women and men, particularly equal remuneration for work of equal value, employment equity, access to justice, and the human right to be protected from non-state actor torture. Read the report here.


Statement by CFUW on Women and the Media - May-15-15

People across Canada are reacting to the treatment of television reporter Shauna Hunt.  It is appalling that women in the media are still challenged by forms of violence such as that experienced by the female journalist most recently.  Women in the media should not be subjected to any form of violence.  Whether it be verbal, as in this case, or in the form of negative representation that so adversely affects self-image and status in society. Read our statement here.


Calling for Restoration of Funding for Quebec Native Women Inc. - May-15-15

CFUW has just learned, through an APTN report, that the Quebec Native Women/ Femmes autochtones du Québec (QNW-FAQ) stands to lose core funding as a result of transferring the  Aboriginal Women’s Programming Elements (AWPE) from Heritage Canada to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Developmen’s Family Violence Prevention Program. The potential loss of funding is troubling, and puts the future of this organization at risk.We have therefore called on the Government of Canada to take immediate steps to ensure continuity in this vital organization’s funding and operations. Read our letter here.

Budget 2015: What’s in it for women? - April-27-15

This year’s budget is heavy on tax benefits, as well additional support for women entrepreneurs and women in the corporate sector. Some of the announcements include a $60 increase in the Universal Tax Benefit, income splitting through the “family tax credit”, an Action Plan for Women Entrepreneurs, and enacting a “comply or explain” approach to promote more women on corporate boards. Read our 2015 budget analysis here.

Call out to Scholars in Social History and/or Women’s Studies - April-01-15

As part of the 100th year celebrations, CFUW-FCFDU is looking for a qualified  researcher/writer who will agree to write our organization’s history in the context of Canadian social history in exchange for full independent access to our archival materials...dowload the RFP to learn more.

Download Request for Proposal.


"Up for Debate" - Calling for an Election Debate on Issues That Matter to Women - February-18-15

When it comes time to elect our next federal government in 2015, over 100 organizations, including CFUW want to see party leaders explain how they plan to build a more equal Canada for us all, and make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better, at home and around the world. This must start with a nationally broadcast leaders’ debate on issues identified by women. Over 30 years ago during the 1984 election, political party leaders John Turner, Brian Mulroney, and Ed Broadbent did just that. We are calling on today's federal party leaders to participate in a nationally broadcast election debate focused on women. Join us in calling on the leaders by visiting the campaign website, Up for Debate.

Open letter: Budget Bill Restricts Access to Social Assistance for Refugee Claimants - November-19-14
CFUW has joined 160 organizations across Canada in opposing provisions in the budget bill (Bill C-43) that would open to the door to refugee claimants being denied social assistance. In an open letter to Minister of Finance Joe Oliver the organizations ask for the withdrawal of sections 172 and 173 of the bill, which would allow provinces to deny social assistance based on immigration status. Refugee claimants, who are among the most vulnerable in our society, could be denied the crucial lifeline that allows them to survive and begin to rebuild their lives in Canada. Read the open letter here.
New Report on Canada's Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action - November-05-14
CFUW is happy to have contributed to a new report on Canada’s 20-year review of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. Progress on Women's Rights: Missing in Action clearly shows that progress has stalled in several critical areas, including violence against women and girls, the economy, and women’s leadership and decision making. Read the full report here.

Campaign Challenges Political Leaders to Take Women's Rights Seriously in 2015 Election - November-04-14
CFUW is proud to share with you that today, alongside over 100 women’s organizations and their allies, the launch of Up for Debate - a campaign calling on all federal political parties to make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better, at home and around the world. Visit the campaign website for more information.

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