Member Value Proposition (MVP)

When you join a CFUW club, you get much more than you think!

You will make new Friends and have fun!

You will realize the power of women working together through:


Social Events



You will broaden your horizons by engaging in lifelong learning

Elevator Speech

Ready Made

  1. As a member of our CFUW club, you can realize the power of women working together through friendships, advocacy, social events and empowerment.
  2. Being part of CFUW is one way we can help ourselves, a friend or a stranger to realize dreams and goals. It is the power of women working together.
  3. CFUW members are lifelong learners who work together using our skills and expertise to improve the status of women, and to promote human rights, public education, social justice, and peace.
  4. CFUW is an organization of women, linked locally, nationally and internationally, to promote quality education, encourage participation in public affairs and improve the status of girls and women, all in an atmosphere of cooperation, fun and friendship.
  5. CFUW is different from the other women’s groups in that it gives her members the opportunity to do more than just one thing. You can make new friends, advocate on a variety of issues, socialize with like-minded women, engage in life-long learning, and enjoy a feeling of empowerment all within one organization.
  6. As a member of CFUW, you are part of a global network of women who work to improve the lives of girls and women in the world, and to promote education and social change in an environment of peace.
  7. As a member of our club, you can broaden your horizons, engage in life-long learning and work to make a difference for women here and in those places where women struggle to improve their lot.
  8. The feminist movement is now a global phenomenon, but there still is work to do at the personal and local level. In both of these areas we need to use our minds as well as our hearts in everything we do. CFUW gives us this opportunity. It exemplifies the power of women working together.

Build Your Own: CFUW is an established women’s organization that has been around for nearly a century (could customize this for the number of years the club has been around). Come join us to (choose the lines below that apply to your club, and add club specific activity-based ones):

  • make friends & have fun
  • hear about interesting people and activities in your community
  • enrich your knowledge of issues in your region and nationally
  • be engaged in life-long learning
  • support efforts to improve society
  • participate in ----------------
  • share your knowledge and skills
  • share your desire to learn about a certain topic or issue
  • make social change
  • increase public awareness on issues and societal concerns

And finish with: Would you like me to call you with the information about our next meeting?
Here is my card. I have written the date and time of the next meeting on it. Let me know if you would like to attend.

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