There are nine Standing Committees and four Special Committees which change occasionally to address particular issues that arise.

Standing Committees

The role of Standing Committees is to further the policies and programs of CFUW in the area of work assigned by the Board of Directors, examine questions within their terms of reference and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Advocacy Committee

The mandate of the Advocacy Committee is to act as a forum for discussion concerning advocacy. It facilitates exchanges of information concerning advocacy activities and concerns, with the aim of informing all levels – national, clubs, councils and regions. It assists with tracking issues and emerging issues and represents CFUW when requested.

Articles and Bylaws Committee

The Committee is charged with expediting the amendment process to the CFUW Articles and Bylaws.

Education Committee

The Committee monitors national education issues and makes recommendations to the Board on this topic.

Fellowships Committee

The Committee is responsible for directing the adjudication of the CFUW Fellowships and Awards.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee advises on financial policies; supervises the annual expenditures of CFUW and the use and investment of its funds, and is responsible for ensuring that the expenditure of CFUW remains within the terms of the budget approved by the membership.

International Relations Committee

The Committee monitors and as appropriate, recommends to CFUW Board, actions related to CFUW International Policies, Graduate Women International activities and activities of UN Agencies such as UN Human Rights Council.

Membership Committee

The Committee directs CFUW membership activities and programs. It monitors recruitment and retention strategies and works with the Executive Director, Regional Directors and others on campaigns and activities to increase membership in CFUW.

Nominations Committee

The Committee is responsible for administering the CFUW nominations and elections process.

Resolutions Committee

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that CFUW resolutions are developed, administered, reviewed, translated and brought before the CFUW eligible voters.

Special Committees

Within each Biennium, the Board of Directors may establish special committees for specific tasks, their terms of reference and period of office to be determined by the Board of Directors, with the term of office to be only until the end of the Biennium.

The Chairs of such Committees are appointed by the President and the Committee members are chosen by their Chair. The Chair and all Committee members serve without remuneration, and may be replaced for just cause at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Governance Committee

The Committee is responsible for development and administration of CFUW governance policy.

Human Resources Committee

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that CFUW human resource policies are developed, administered, reviewed and monitored for effectiveness.

100th Anniversary Committee

The Committee is responsible for planning and overseeing the various activities that are planned for the Federation’s 100th Anniversary in 2019.

There is also A 100th Anniversary Scholarship Project Sub-Committee. The purpose of this sub-Committee’s is to encourage Clubs and individuals to participate in the CFUW’s 100th Anniversary National Scholarship Project as approved by the Board in July 2013. The Committee will gather all information on the activities and achievements of Clubs participating in the CFUW 100th Anniversary National Scholarship Project

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