CFUW Dr. Alice E. Wilson Awards
2017-2018 Total Value: $20,000

Two (2) awards at the masters level and two (2) for doctoral level study.

Dr. Alice E. Wilson, CFUW member, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the first woman to hold a professional position at the Geological Survey of Canada won the 1926 CFUW Travelling Fellowship. Awarded to mature students returning to graduate studies in any field, with special consideration given to those returning to study after at least three years.

Four winners for 2016-2017: Two awards at the masters level and two for doctoral level study


B.Sc. Chemical Engineering with Biomedical Option, 2012, University of Alberta
M.Sc. Medical Physics, 2015-2018, University of Alberta

Clara Fallone’s research is focused on improving quantification of levels of unsaturated fat in the body with magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). In the future, scientists can use the findings to utilize the non-invasive MRS methodology to confirm correlations between fatty acid composition and pathology. The information will lead to an understanding of how dietary changes or treatment affect certain cancers, such as slowing down the growth of cancerous tumours.


B.A. Thermal and Energy Engineering, 2002, Xian Jiatong University, China
M.Sc. Thermal and Energy Engineering, 2005, Xian Jiatong University, China
M.Sc. Environmental Systems Engineering, 2014-2017, University of Regina

Yarong’s research focused on the behaviors of emerging contaminants in surface water of small and Aboriginal communities. Water safety is one of the most important public health issues. The outputs from her study will improve our understanding of the risks arising from emerging contaminants in water sources. The results can also help determine appropriate water treatment and management strategies for effective pollution control in small and Aboriginal communities.


B.Sc. Biology (Hons.), 1993, University of Ottawa
M.Sc. Biology, 1996, University of Ottawa
M.B.A. Business Administration, 2009, York University
Ph.D. Health Services Research, 2013-2017, University of Toronto

Aiming to provide evidence for optimizing the treatment and reducing the long-term healthcare burden of inflammatory bowel disease on children and their care-givers, Naazish’s doctoral research will explore the cost-effectiveness and clinical effectiveness of treating children with chronic Crohn’s disease earlier in the treatment pathway with costly anti-TNF-a biologic treatments than currently suggested practice guidelines and drug coverage policies. Her project merges pediatric chronic disease management, gastroenterology and health technology assessment from a societal perspective.


B.Sc. Physical Therapy, 1997, Queen’s University
M.Sc. Kinesiology and Health Studies, 2011, University of Regina
Ph.D. Health Sciences, 2014-2018, University of Saskatchewan

Kyra’s research focusses on individualized prescription of walking braces (ankle-foot orthoses) for children with neurological conditions. She is currently studying the effects of these braces on gait mechanics and balance in children with cerebral palsy. By optimizing the angle at which a child's ankle is supported in the brace, her research aims to improve evidence-based orthotic prescription.

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