CFUW Margaret Dale Philp Award Funded by CFUW Kitchener-Waterloo
Value: $3,500

Funded in memory of a former Club President, a teacher and Local Life Member, for graduate studies in the humanities or the social sciences. Special consideration is given to study in Canadian History only as a deciding factor, all else being equal. The applicant must reside in Canada.

2016-2017 Winner: VIVIAN HUANG

B.Sc. (Hons.) Psychology, 2013, University of Calgary
M.A. Psychology, 2016, Ryerson University
Ph.D. Psychology, 2016-2020, Ryerson University

Vivian’s research examines the influence of cultural factors on the overall well-being of older Chinese immigrants in Canada. With an expanding aging population and a growing Chinese Canadian population, this research enhances our understandings of the relationship between cultural practices, acculturation, and well-being among older adults in the Chinese community, as well as the importance of cultural influence in the aging process.

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