IWD Fundraising Project

Each year CFUW National encourages our 100 Clubs to fundraise for a common project related to women’s rights in the lead up to International Women’s Day. The projects are chosen from applications sent in by international and national organizations that support women’s rights.

Last Year’s Fundraising

In 2017-2018, CFUW proudly made a contribution to the work of women activists and grassroots organizations around the world via one of their strongest allies in Canada, the MATCH International Women’s Fund. CFUW clubs and members raised 5212$ which was doubled by one of MATCH International Women’s Fund donor for a grand total of 10 424$!

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Project 2019: “Promoting Justice for Women in Antioquia, Colombia”

The IWD Fundraising Project for the year 2019 is “Promoting Justice for Women in Antioquia, Colombia” a project supported by Inter Pares and implemented by their Columbian counterpart Humanas. CFUW is thrilled to partner with Inter Pares, an organization that has worked for over 40 years with organizations from around the world to build peace, advance justice and globalize equality!

Project Description:

Women and girls have been impacted by Colombia’s armed conflict in a variety of ways. It is often women who have had to provide food, clothing, and shelter to sustain their families and children during and after conflicts. Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) has been widespread and continues to be used as a weapon of war. Women and girls have experienced physical and psychological trauma, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and stigmatization. This year, with support from CFUW, Inter Pares is working closely with its Colombian counterpart, Humanas to contribute to the process of justice and peace, most notably by supporting women and girls that have been victims of SGBV within the framework of Colombia’s armed conflict. The geographical focus of this work is the Department of Antioquia, which has the highest number of reported cases of SGBV in the country - the vast majority of which have gone undocumented and unpunished. Working alongside local partners (mainly community-based organizations) in Antioquia, Humanas will prepare a detailed case study on SGBV in Antioquia which will be presented to the appropriate legal body established under the terms of the Peace Accord the Colombian government signed with the FARC guerilla organization.

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